Sailorgirl Jewelry

Catherine Winter

Catherine Winter is a Toronto based glass bead artist and jewellery designer.

From the lecture halls of the University of Toronto (psychology) to studying Spanish in a gypsy cave in Granada, Spain, Catherine is forever engaged in learning about the world. Fifteen years ago this burning desire to learn new skills became, literally, a burning passion as she began the never-ending study of flame-work.

At the same time as her passion for glass grew, so did her passion for sailing and exploring this blue planet. As she splits her time between her Toronto studio and her Florida sailboat, her company name of Sailorgirl Jewelry is a perfect fit.

“Stories are narratives of our lives, shared pieces of our histories and our experiences. I’m inspired to use my glass-work to tell stories of faraway places, of the world around me. I want people to wear not a necklace, but a tale of my making”.

Visit her booth & you can purchase loose lamp work beads, finished jewellery or commercial glass or Lucite beads.