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Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling

A spool of rainbow coloured paper to be used as Quilling
Ann Martins book on Paper Quilling. Good for Beginners and Advanced alike

Another recent passion of mine is making jewellery using papers quilling techniques. It was first used in England by the proper young ladies a time passing hobby. They used it to make many different things. DO you remember being taught to make beads out of paper triangles and glue when you were younger?

In recent years it’s become a trend to use it for scrap booking. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before. The beautiful displays set up to accentuate a picture, but did you know there’s more to it?

There is a book by Ann Martin called the art of Paper Quilling Jewelry. The designs are beautiful, and the directions are easy to follow. Recommended for Quillers beginner through advanced.

There are books of other designs to do also, and if you want to learn the history of paper quilling you should go to this website.

You can also check out Ann Martin’s work here.


You can also check out YouTube for people who make fantastic designs and how to videos, I recommend as personal favourite Quilling artist of mine: Miriam’s Quilling.

She has many fantastic videos from beginners to advanced, and how to make your own equipment!

A Picture of Miriam from Miriams Quilling

Check out this beginner video below

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