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 President’s Message

WOW….have you ever wondered “how did they do that” when seeing a work of art – painting, beading, metal or wire working?

Gillie Hoyte Byrom’s “Miniatures Tested by Fire” portrait presentation showed us just how she does it. Learning her craft over the past 30+ years as well as travelling, teaching others around the globe and writing a book too!

GRBS along with the Toronto Bead Society make this presentation possible. There is a second opportunity to view the (taped) amazing presentation on Wednesday, October 13th at 7:00 pm for all current GRBS members. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I don’t think I’ll look at a 2.5 inch square quite the same and marvel at what can be accomplished in such a small space. Check out her website at

There is still time to become a member of GRBS by filling out the membership form at, pay the $10.00 member fee and view Gillie’s taped presentation on Wednesday evening.

I wish you a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving. Take care and be safe.

Future Meeting Dates

Gillie Hoyte Byrom has kindly allowed us to record her presentation from Wednesday October 6, so we can re-broadcast it on Zoom for those unable to attend a daytime meeting. The re-broadcast date will be Wednesday October 13th at 7pm, using the same meeting link.

Monday, October 18, 2021: Show and Share. Open discussion about buying beads online and “Tips and Tricks” about favourite tools.

Monday, November 15, 2021: Susan Charette-Hood: to CRAW or not to CRAW

Monday, December 13, 2021: Diane Henry-Baratta: Kumihimo presentation
*Note this is the 2nd Monday*

Sunday, January 16, 2020, 1-3 pm: Floor Kaspers presentation
Please note: this is a Sunday afternoon and will take the place of our regular meeting scheduled for January 17.

Welcome to new members:

Gina Whitlock
Nahed Squires
Natalie Baird
Dianna Hewitt
Michelle Qwsley
Diane Henry-Baratta
Meredith Filshie
Debra Wozniak
Sarah Joyes Ugly Necklace Reveal

Our September meeting was definitely one to remember. It gave new meaning to the word “ugly” and not “so ugly”. We did ooo and ahh, but we also laughed at the crazy, wonderful creations that our members designed. Check out these awesome, ugly pictures!!! I’m certain that you will find your favourite and be impressed with the creativity of our members!

And to make it even better, Lin Chapman wrote this poem to go with her “ugly necklace “. It set the tone for our meeting and captured the essence of taking care of our precious earth.

The Ugly Truth That Weighs Us Down

It’s the little things that matter,

Those bits of trash that we forget,

Will flow into the gutter;

Get dirty, gross and wet.

We drop and drag, forget our trash

Affects our Mother Earth.

The bits and tabs, the bags and glass

We forget her legacy and destroy her worth.

And it’s all our fault this messy place.

A sign of all our greed.

To make the world a better place,

More attention is what we need.

written by Lin Chapman

This necklace by Lin Chapman is made from salvaged wire that she found on the side of the road and made into a gutter grate to hang on her neck. There’s all types of trash that she’s picked up that people have dropped… notably a cigar butt, paper, shredded tarp, pop tabs, rags. There is a full doggie doo bag (filled with chocolate… sometimes called a Keister Bunny), broken glass, felted dog hair, a ripped and discarded mask and a torn Tim Horton’s cup. Lin says it’s pretty ugly, but I think the entire concept is beautiful!









This necklace, designed by Yvette Herold, was created from a thorn that she stepped on while she was in Mexico. (Ouch!) Yvette is always creating beautiful pieces from her travels.






This is Sue Henry’s beautiful necklace created from coke can cutouts and electrical wire. Who thought that coke cans could become such beautiful jewellery?









Maria Skinner: created this interesting piece using polymer clay, seed beads, hearing aid parts, and a Maple Leafs lanyard. Creativity at it’s best!!!!!







Sherry Stockton’s piece made me laugh the most!!!
It’s created from a clothes hanger, novelty yarn and a Christmas bauble. I believe it’s still hanging in her closet and will probably be there for a while!











Gillian Clarke got really creative and brought back memories from childhood. I think we all remember making things from pasta and spray painting them. That’s exactly what Gillian did: gold painted pasta, rat tail and wooden rings from the dollar store! Well done!












Rozanne Blazetich-Ozois was taking a resin class and at the last minute grabbed her children’s baby teeth to include in this unique pendant. She added a lucet-woven leather cord. Memories!!







Sue Charente-Hood created two pieces for our challenge. On the left is a multi-contributor necklace and on the right is a spiky uncomfortable necklace.
Her husband was diagnosed with Covid, hence her mask that she wears to remind him to get his vaccine!










We know that our members do beautiful, creative work. If you would like to share your pieces with us, please use the link below to do so. We are looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful work that our members design and create.


I’m always losing my glasses but never to this extreme! LOL

Tips and Techniques

If you are a new beader, here are some great tips from AllFreeJewelleryMaking for helping you on your beading journey.

How to Get Started:

  1. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Start out with the basics and go from there.
  2. Watch YouTube videos to get started. Seeing someone else execute a step might be easier than trying to deciper pictures
  3. Use online tutorials for ideas.
  4. Skills come with practice; be patient!

Words of Encouragement

  1. Be patient and kind with yourself.
  2. Don’t get discouraged if your product doesn’t look like the professional one. Keep practicing, and you’ll get there.
  3. Jewelry making is fun; don’t stress!
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  5. Don’t give up! Love what you do, and keep building the passion for it.
  6. Anything goes; be creative!
  7. Have fun!
  8. And last but not least…
    Be Warned: It’s addictive! 🙂

Plus: the best tip of all is; become a member of GRBS. We have tons of tips to help everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, give yourself kindness and grace. Then re-gift it as often as possible.


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