msMussy Jewels

Deborah Muss

Deborah Muss discovered lamp working approximately 10 years ago because she was dissatisfied with the poor quality & high cost of commercially available beads. Lamp working is the process of melting glass in a very hot flame & forming it around a mandrel to create beads and other artistic glass pieces. Consequently, all the finished jewellery she makes incorporates her handmade beads, glass head pins, and metal components.

Five years ago she began teaching this amazing craft and her teaching schedule can be found on the BeadFX class calendar. BeadFX is a bead store located in Toronto and has a well-equipped lamp working studio.

Visit her booth and you can purchase both loose lamp work beads or finished jewellery. All beads are made by her and immediately annealed in a kiln for strength & durability. Her current obsession is two-tone beads and etched beads.