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Happy Mother’s Day


Presidents Message

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Grand River Bead Society is needing enthusiastic members to join the Board!
Positions available are Newsletter, Bead Fair, and Volunteers – you will need some technical and organizing skills. Help is available for a smooth transition We know you are a creative group. Without member volunteers on the Board keeping everyone informed of great programming, organizing bead fairs or other activities we can’t keep moving forward. Elections will take place at our June meeting. You still have a little time to think about, check out, talk to a current Board member and then make a great decision!

GRBS is a great creative beading group – let’s keep it going!
Thanks to all of the current collaborative Board members for a job well done!
Looking forward to seeing everyone for another super program presentation on Monday, May 16th!
Wishing everyone a great Mother’s Day!

Sherry Stockton

Future Virtual Meetings


Monday, May 16: Nir Kronenberg: Inventing New Beads Never Gets Old

Monday, June 20AGM
Micaela Fitzsimmons: Collection of Beaded Purses

Barbara Bryce “Window Jeweler”


GRBS was very fortunate to have Guelph artist Barbara Bryce present to our group at our April member’s meeting. Barbara is a very engaging and humble artist with an amazing creative ability to look at everyday items and see their unique potential to become something beautiful.

Initially she worked in stained glass, but health issues caused her to look at something different in order to continue her creative process. She now creates assemblages from glass beads, wire and found objects. The treasures she finds inspire her, and many of her findings are turned into stunning sun catchers. Thus the name “ Window Jewellery”.

Barbara loves re-purposing vintage items and treasures that people give her, into new and beautiful pieces that give others joy.
All the principles that she learned in landscape design, she now applies to her wonderful creations. Her “Bangles” collection is testimony to that for certain. It started with a set of intertwined “bangles” that were a single solid piece with no clasp. She wasn’t certain how to get them apart without breaking them and then it suddenly dawned on her that they didn’t need to be round and thus her designs were born.

“Bangles” is a collection of 10 sun catchers, many of which have already been sold, called “Celebration of Spring”. You can find them on her website.

Her “Remembering Esther” project is another intriguing story:

Her husband’s Aunt Esther passed away in the summer of 2020 and due to Covid, her relatives were unable to get together to celebrate her life. Knowing Barbara’s love of vintage pieces and unique creativity, her family sent Barbara Esther’s jewellery. While sorting through it, ideas began to come to Barbara for tiny artworks as a way of celebrating Esther’s life. Once completed, Barbara posted the results to Esther’s relative and they began suggesting names for the beautiful pieces. Below is the collection of artworks created from Esther’s jewellery.

I was mesmerized by Barbara’s presentation and her statement that she “keeps playing with each piece it until it sings”.
You can contact Barbara and see more of her work on her website:

Barbara Bryce – Improvised Art Glass 

Thank you Barbara for an inspiring and intriguing evening, and a beautiful way to honour family members.

More of Barbara’s Work

Show and Share from our April Meeting

These two pieces were created by Lori Finney from a class on RAW run by the Beadworkers Guild in the UK, on Zoom. The beads are designed by Mairi Carleton, the Rope is a simple Herringbone Twist in 3 colours. The beads are removable and interchangeable.

The bracelet is from the same class~done in 2-needle RAW, and designed by Sylvia Fairhurst. She loves the bracelet with the added montees, but no more 2-needle RAW for her!!! (No disrespect to Sylvia, but Lori is VERY right-handed, and using a needle in her left hand is an accident waiting to happen!) Lori’s comment made me laugh – so good to have a sense of humour and positive attitude when we bead!




Yvette Herold‘s work always amazes me. She has a very unique way of looking at found objects and asking herself, “What if?”. Her “what if’s?” always turn out so beautifully.

The one on the left is a bead embroidered pendant with the center made from one half of an empty, squished Nespresso coffee pod!!! The bail is made from a metal ring taken from an old necklace.

The one on the right is called “The Good Eye”. Yvette’s sister was recovering from eye surgery for glaucoma when a friend gave her a few shells that she had found on a beach in Point Roberts, Washington. The shell reminded Yvette of an eye so she made the iris using some metal wire and a green crystal taken from an old brooch. I am not surprised that she gets many comments about this pendant!

Somewhere on a beach in the Caribbean, Yvette found this most attractive rock. Using bead embroidery, she bezelled it, trying to use colours that would bring out the ones in the rock as well as the different layers. Yvette has learned to walk the beach looking down for “jewelry worthy” treasures.


Gillian Clarke created this beautiful beaded reproduction of an old-fashioned perfume atomizer bottle, complete with the squeeze bulb for making it spray. It is called “Leinaala” (Hawaiain for “a gust of fragrance”) and she made it in a class by River Rose







Sherry Stockton said that she was in need of a splash off colour in Spring/Summer ear jewellery! I definitely think these earring fit the bill. These are based on a peyote pattern by Kelly Dale of “Off the Beaded Path”. Sherry says that they are easy to to construct and could also be used as petals in a necklace. Tension plays an important part in the construction.







Erin Fish had never done dimensional beading in the past and fell in love with this pattern from Katie Dean. She asked Alexa Bradford (dimensional beading expert) to help her create this little guy. Alexa was very supportive and patient as Erin worked through the challenges of tubular peyote ( she lost count on the number of times it was ripped out). Every year Erin makes a Christmas ornament for each of her grandchildren, so this little guy will be added to their collections. Thank you Alexa!

Apple watch for sale, hardly used, used to belong to my Granny Smith.

Women After 50 Inspiration is Contagious!

Sue Charrette-Hood was so inspired by Barb’s presentation and enjoyed it so much that when asked if we had any jewelry collections from past relatives she got really excited to share hers. Sue is now inspired to upcycle some of her relative’s jewelry into window art: sun catchers and wind chimes. Sue wanted to share her excitement by sending us these pictures of not only her vintage jewellery pieces, but also the women who wore them.

The above is a shadow box of some of the brooches inherited from her husband’s great great Aunt (Anna 1864-1945), great Aunt (Lena May 1898-1985), Aunt (Margaret Elizabeth 1915-2014) and his Mother (Gloria Jean 1931-2015) who all grew up in the same house in South Carolina. Along with the brooches, Sue also inherited many earrings and pendants. We look forward to seeing at future meetings, what beautiful work Sue will be creating with her vintage pieces. How lovely to see the faces of the women who meant so much, and whose legacy will continue through Sue’s work.


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