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“When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
the world will know peace.” 

Jimi Hendrix


President’s Message


March has arrived and I’m looking forward to the arrival of Spring.
I’m working on Jean Powers Heart bracelet in support of Ukraine and being reminded that “even experts were once beginners”! Comfort when learning something new and being successful!
Happy St. Paddy’s Day and I’ll see you on the first day of Spring at our next GRBS member meeting.
Take care and be safe.
Sherry Stockton

Welcome to Returning Member:

Janet Jones

Future Virtual Meetings

Monday, March 21, 2022Meredith Filshie: Bead Embroidery

Monday, April 18, 2022: Barbara Bryce: Working with Stained Glass and Found Objects

Monday, May 16: TBA

Monday, June 20: AGM

Pam Kearns Journey

GRBS members were pleased on February 22, 2022 to have guest presenter, Pam Kearns share her journey of discovery with us.
Pam’s story of creativity began as a young girl, learning to knit and sew from her mother as part of her upbringing, but Pam’s journey in beading started at the CreativFestival through Cathy Lampole. Cathy gave her a free pattern and a quick lesson on peyote stitch. The rest is history.
That was her beginning and the rest came from being self taught along with tutorials, magazines and classes. Our own Marilyn Gardiner was also instrumental in promoting Pam’s interest in beading.
Pam was fascinated by peyote stitching and thought about it so much that it finally became the name of her business “Peyote Dreams”. Peyote is her stitch of choice as she designs patterns and teaches others this wonderful style of beading.
Her work has been published in Boho Bangle and in many of the TBS calendars. She has also taught at Bead and Button show.
Pam’s discovery of who she was came about due to the loss of her job and a gastric bypass. Both gave her the courage and willingness to look at who she was and in finding her strengths and passions.
She has developed a wonderful personal philosophy: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.” True words of wisdom!
Her creative philosophy is just as powerful:” Learn the technique and then make it your own and If you like it … that is all that matters.”
Pam continues to keep busy by teaching virtual and in person classes at BeadFX and That Bead Lady along with TDSB’s Learn 4 Life adult-learning program.
She is involved in Virtually Every Crafting ( and also does Monday Mini Classes.
Her love and enthusiasm for peyote was very obvious and her willingness to pass on this style of beading to others is truly an inspiration.
Thank you Pam for an inspirational story of both your personal and professional journey and a wonderful evening.

You can contact Pam or see more of her beautiful work at any of the following:



Etsy Shop:

March Meeting

Presentation by Meredith Filshie

Meredith has had some formal training in art, design, and sewing and has explored a number of fibre art techniques. When she was growing up, her mother encouraged creative pursuits supplying embroidery thread or wool and beautiful fabrics, primarily to dress her dolls. Excursions to “Dressmakers’ Supply”, a fabulous store in Toronto were always a treat! She was particularly attracted to the displays of seed beads, laces and ribbons which were not available at the fabric stores closer to home. Her love of fabrics and threads meant that she could rarely pass stores that carried anything remotely connected without a “quick” look. Books and magazines generated a lot of ideas about what she might do “if only she had time”. After buying Canada Beading Supply in 1994 and joining Out of the Box, a fibre arts group, in 2002, she has made time to explore new creative directions.
During our March meeting, Meredith will give an overview of her beading life.


Show and Share from Our February Meeting

Maria Skinner had a bracelet that she wasn’t wearing because it was too large for her wrist. So, being the problem solver that she is, she took it apart, strung the beads on 3 different colours of rat tail and one on cotton thread. She had to do it in 3 parts because she did not have enough of right the colours. It turned out absolutely lovely. Maria is an adventurous soul who loves to try new ideas!







Alexa Bradford does the most beautiful dimensional beading. The vase is by River Rose. Lexi says that it was fun to make in both herringbone and peyote. Her patterns are very detailed .
Lexi’s bell is by Teresa Morse of Iceni Bead Design. The pattern is done in a circular peyote in size 11 delicas.










Lexi’s gnome was from a pattern by Katie Dean. She sells either the pattern or the on-line tutorial and pattern together. Katie also does great classes online which allows you to work at your own speed. When I saw this, I immediately fell in love with it and ordered the pattern with a promise from Lexi that she would help me with this design as I have never done dimensional beading in the past.










These two beautiful pieces were created by Gillian Clarke. The vessel is “Alison” by River Rose, which was the February 2022 bead-along with the Facebook group “Seedbeads and More”. It’s the fifth vessel of hers that Gillian has made, with another halfway completed. (which hopefully we’ll see soon)


The necklace was made a few years ago. It is 14K gold filled chainmaille in roundmaille pattern, with a row of inverted roundmaille about every 1.5 cm to separate it into segments. Gillian didn’t plan it that way, but it was turning out too stiff as plain roundmaille and she couldn’t afford to buy any more gold rings. A creative way to fit a design that wasn’t working!!!




The above pendants and earrings are Yvette Herold’s way of finishing off tubes of delicas and bugles. As she haven’t been to a bead store in almost two years, these pendants (and many more ) have been her COVID projects. All of them are made using brick stitch and are a variation of a diamond pattern….inexpensive to make, but they do take a while. Brick stitch is easy and very Zen!

Karen Townsend’s stunning work with Kumhimo is truly amazing. It’s easy to see why this is one of her favourites techniques.











Sue Charette-Hood has beaded the shamrock pin with her Zoom Texas beading buddies since it was her group’s project for March (she was invited to join this Texas beading group in 2020 after the onset of Covid and still beads with them 3 times a week). Beading with these ladies kept her sane whilst being locked down in 2020 & 2021…. just six months after moving to SC. And now, thanks to Zoom, she is happy to be able to bead with our group too.The shamrock is called Quadrifoglio & was designed by Theodora Seimeni.

These are two pieces of Sue Charette-Hood’s Solar Ecllipse jewellery that she created and are being sold in the South Carolina State Museum. It is a repurposed piece that Sue designed as a request for the museum, based on the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.
Sue says that you can check out their cool website where you are able to virtually stargaze from their planetarium. (links below)




c Women After Fifty

Tips and Techniques from GRBS Members

USB Cigarette Lighter which is rechargeable and environmently friendly. Perfect for fusing Fireline pieces together when beading. Available from Amazon.









Robyn Alexander is an Aussie maker who is an amazing and talented fibre artist. This link to her shop includes her embroidery kits and supplies that she has either sourced as is, or dyed to create unique starting materials. It includes patterns, threads, butons and fabrics.The link to her etsy shop is included below.









If you enjoy Kumihino check out Pru McRae’s blog at:







Life has taught me that I am not always in control. Life is full of experiences, lessons, heartbreak and pain. But, it has also shown me love, beauty, possibility and new beginnings. Embrace it all. It makes us who we are, and after every storm comes a clear sky.
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