Gayle Goddard

The Clutter Fairy

Ever look at your stash of beads and wonder how to make it neat and tidy?

Gayle Goddard  The clutter fairy is going to show us some tips and tricks.

Gayle doesn’t possess magical powers for making order out of chaos- just a natural sense of organization, and a lot of empathy, a  keen insight into the relationships between people and their “stuff.” She spent more than 20 years organizing financial data as a CPA before turning her skill and passion for conquering clutter into a professional organizing business As owner of the The Clutter Fairy, she offers organizing services and ongoing support to help clients conquer clutter and focus on what they really want to be doing. She is also currently producing a webcast/podcast called The Clutter Fairy Weekly, available as video on her YouTube channel or podcast platforms everywhere. For fun, she has been beading for 3 decades, and she hangs out with some serious beady chicks in Texas.

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