Extra Goodies

SGJ Beads

Do you ever feel like it's not enough?

You just need more of a good thing? We do too! So aside from immersing yourself in all the glittering Shiny’s we have for you to look at and take home, we decided to offer a few extras.

Who doesn’t like to create something wonderful and beautiful with their own two hands? Not sure if you’d like something, but you wanna try it out to see? Look no further! Our wonderful Vendors have offered to do Demos at their booths. Get a chance to try a new technique and take home something stunning that you made yourself.

You’ve looked it over a million times, you’ve sourced out where to get supplies and you’re ready to go; but you don’t know where to start or maybe there’s that one instruction doesn’t make sense no matter how much you turn that paper around or re-read it. No worries, we have classes with well versed instructors in their respected Art fields to help. Come take a class with others who want to learn with you, conquer that project, and make something beautiful.

Who here doesn’t like glittery, shiny objects that you can wear and match to your outfits, make yourself, or decorate your living space with? All of us, is the right answer. Now you can do it and make a difference. The Grand River Bead Society isn’t just about make and takes, or helping their fellow artists advertise their wares. We also like to give back to our Community, and help our Fellow Man. Now you can help too! Click the link above to learn more.