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During the course of the pandemic, we have been meeting by Zoom


Check out the chart below to see where to direct your inquiry.

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Do you have questions about the Grand River Bead Society or perhaps it’s Annual Bead Show? Please click on the appropriate Member to find your answers.

For questions for our Chair person, click here.
(She won’t give up hers by the way; I hear it’s very comfortable.)
Need our Secretary? Click here. (Just remember, she does our filing, and anything extra is asking too much)
If you have questions for our Treasurer, click here.
(It’s our treasure, and she won’t give it up to anyone else in case you were wondering.)


Our Membership Co-ordinator will answer any questions you have.
(Mostly about membership, but sometimes the weather, how her day’s going, where to get the best snacks to bring to a meeting…just saying.)
Our Bead Fair Co-ordinator knows all about our show!
(Well, about other things too, but she really loves talking about our Show and everything that goes with it!) Drop her a line.
Our Programming Co-ordinator is in charge of our…programming. 
(‘Nuff said really, want to enjoy a great meeting or impart your wisdom?
Yeah we’d like that too. Give her a shout; just not too loud, she doesn’t like to be yelled at.)
Volunteering your thing? Look no further than our Volunteer Co-ordinator.
(She likes to line all our ducks up in a row for us for shows. Unfortunately, we have a habit of wandering to the left a little; we keep her busy but she’s always ready to wrangle a few more ducks.) So ask away.
(We’re all pretty sure we get it, but it’s one of those mystery jobs in our Society. Guess that would make her our resident Spy. Got questions for our 007?)
Need to know anything about our Newsletters? Our gal gives the best one!
(Talented and timely, and creative? That’s our Newsletter writer. She’s our Grand Wizard of word creativity and so much more.) 
Board Advisors
(They’re like a magic 8 ball, have a question? They’ve got an answer. Just don’t shake ‘em too hard, we need them to help us and they get dizzy easily.
Communications. It’s all about communicating. 
(If there’s more than one person, I mean talking to yourself is just silly.) Drop a line (talk quietly if you’re in a room full of people) and we’ll see what we can do. 

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