Black Tulip Designs

Black Tulip Designs is “the” source for unusual, vintage and antique beads. We love beads especially if they are hard to find or have a history. 2018 was the 10th anniversary under the leadership of Naomi Smith. Naomi has a passion for beads. Her travels to source unique finds have taken her to New York City, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, New Jersey and of course Canada. In addition to seeking out awesome beads, Naomi is also an Indigenous Artist and Educator. Her bead-work pieces are in private collections, Art Gallery of Guelph, Joseph Schneider Haus Historical Site, and Museum of Fine Art in Boston MA.
Black Tulip Designs primarily sells at shows and does not have a retail location. The best time to buy beads, especially from Black Tulip, is when you see them. Naomi is pleased to be a part of the Grand River Bead Society Bead and Fibre art show. Hope to see you there. Upcoming events and news can be found on the Black Tulip Designs Facebook page.
You can reach Naomi with any questions here.